Metal Concentrators (MetCon) is proud to announce the conclusion of a transaction with the Lipman family to bring the two businesses together under the MetCon banner.  We consider this a partnership steeped in history, with a shared commonality in the products that both companies use and work with daily.

“I recognised a synergy between our two companies a year or two ago. With MetCon supplying the core precious metals to manufacturers and Lipman providing the technical support to the manufacturing process – there is a symbiosis all along the supply chain. I see this union leading the industry with state-of-the-art metallurgical expertise and technical process experience.”

– Ian Lipman, Owner of Lipman and Son

The goal is to build something greater for the jewellery industry together than what we could achieve separately. In uniting what we do, we aim to forge a more comprehensive offering to the industry, so that it might better support those that make our industry what it is: the jewellers.

For more information and orders, please visit the MetCon website.